Why Doesn’t FDU Have Summer Storage?

By Katie Hernandez
Staff Writer

Fairleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan campus is top 10 of most diverse schools in New Jersey. Students from all over the world come to study at FDU. Here at FDU Metropolitan campus, there are over 1,000 international kids. Home to thousands of commuters and dormers.

However, the big difference between a commuter and a resident is their housing situation. Commuters, students who live outside of campus, don’t have to move all their things into a small bedroom for two people. Resident students who live on campus, do have to move into a little room often shared by two people or sometimes even three people.

Residents have to move all their clothes, personal items and food. For students who only live a couple hours away, it’s a hassle trying to pack all their belongings in a car and drive all the way up to school.

Most students that live far have to take a plane ride to get to school and fly back for the holidays to visit their family. Getting on a plane can be exhausting and pricey, but it also means the only thing they’re allowed to pack is a suitcase of clothes.

Once students get to school, they have to buy all new bedding, school supplies, and some dorm decoration to feel more at home. Now with the spring 2019 semester coming to an end, students are starting to prep for finals and some are cleaning out their dormitory rooms to start heading home for the summer.

Moving-out season is upon us, which means packing all of the clothes back into suitcases and flying back home. This also means leaving behind all the new things that students have to buy will be thrown away or put to storage off-campus.

However, everyone knows that the average college student is broke. College students don’t have enough money to put their stuff in storage. Storage can cost up to $100 or more per month. This leaves students having to throw away their new things and buy new items again for the next year. That being said, why doesn’t FDU have summer storage?

Schools like Albright College in Pennsylvania have summer storage. Their school also has a large number of international students that are only there for two years. During the summer they go back to their home country. These students also go home happy because their things are safe in storage at school. These students also don’t have to worry about buying new things each year.

Having this service would attract more high school students to apply at FDU. It would be a great idea if FDU could offer those same services to the college students who live at school.