Creating Better and Greener FDU

By Elizabeth Scalzo
Staff Writer

The Green Team used to be to a club on the Fairleigh Dickinson Metropolitan Campus. They used to sponsor a clean up along the river, recycling events, displays and other small events. But, what happened to them? The club has been inactive and unreachable to students.

Many professors who advocate for a more environmentally friendly campus tell students to join the Green Team, however there is no information anywhere about them.

Freshman student Lucy Burnett expressed her anger with the fact the Green Team is inactive. She decided to inquire about it at Student Life and is working to create an environmental club on campus.

Burnett hopes to promote campus clean-ups by holding at least one per semester and starting with small steps to make FDU a greener campus. One thing that is on her list to change is the use of plastic silverware in the cafeteria.

Burnett hopes that throughout the rest of her years at FDU she can help to promote a campus that is an advocate for the environment.

Other students also talk about their interest in the club. Many older students say they remember the Green Team, but never knew what happened when they disappeared.

FDU is a campus that promotes recycling, but all bags that are trash and recycling go to the same place and are never recycled. The world is in a major environmental crisis, and by creating a greener campus, we can help to change the amount of waste we create.

With an environmental club on campus, hopefully the littering will stop. Helping the environment is not just about a small group of people who care about the planet. Everyone should hold themselves accountable to do better.

There is only one Planet Earth and many students act like we have an endless disposal of living space. Simply picking up a piece of garbage you see on the ground will help to contribute to a better environment.

Lastly, as students, we should take pride in our campus and by cleaning up, we can be proud to be students here. Many prospective students and their families visit our campus on a weekly basis and if they see how poorly the campus is treated, we cannot expect them to want to apply here. We can do better and need to do better if we want to create a greener FDU.