‘You’ a Thrilling Drama Fans are Raving About

BY Elizabeth Scalzo
Staff Writer

The show “You” on Netflix has become extremely popular over the past month. With star-studded actors such as Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell, it is no wonder that everyone fell in love. Badgley portrays the male lead of the series named Joe. He seems to be just a normal guy in the beginning, but his mystery quickly captivates viewers and hooks them into the thriller-romance.

Beck, Joe’s love interest, is portrayed by Elizabeth Lail. She is a young writer trying to make it big in New York City. Beck meets Joe at the bookstore he works at, and their relationship from there on out is anything but ordinary.

Badgley’s acting was well done throughout the season, however Lail lacked true emotion at some points. Viewers love TV shows because it can transport them to a different place. During the beginning of the season, many of Lail’s reactions did not seem genuine.

Throughout the series, the audience watches as Joe and Beck fight and make up on multiple occasions. Each time Beck suspects Joe to have sociopathic tendencies, he finds a way to manipulate her further and convince her that things are either her fault or that she is crazy.

Not too far into the series, we meet Beck’s best friend Peach, who is portrayed by Shay Mitchell. Peach is extremely close to Beck, which upsets Joe and brings out his possessive tendencies. He wants Beck all to himself, and won’t let anyone get in the way.

Joe also has a neighbor boy named Paco whom he gives books to and tries to protect because his mom has an abusive boyfriend. Beck is suspicious about Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace and what really happened to her, causing another attention-grabbing puzzle for viewers to solve along with her.

This audience is left with a suspenseful end, and many are impatiently wanting a season two. What many audience members do not know is that “You” originally came out on Lifetime, but after the show didn’t get the ratings the station wanted, they sold the show to Netflix. “You” is a thrilling drama that many are recommending everywhere.

One fault in the show is that because the character Joe acts sweetly towards Paco, it leaves many audience members to believe he has a good heart in there somewhere and that they should sympathize with him. The show brings to light the issue of abusive and toxic relationships.

“You” also showcases flashbacks from Joe’s past. Joe was an orphan and Mr.Mooney, the owner of the bookstore, took him in, but throughout the years, he abused Joe. This gives the audience another reason to sympathize him.

Even if the show gives reason to feel bad for Joe, that does not change the fact that he is a stalker. Badgley even put out a statement urging people to stop romanticizing his character. Joe is simply a character that people love to hate.

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