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The Struggles of Living on Campus at FDU

By Elizabeth Scalzo
Staff Writer

The college experience is always depicted in movies as a monumental moment in one’s life. A student packing up and leaving home to live in a beautiful dorm room somewhere else in the state or country. Living on campus at the Fairleigh Dickinson Metropolitan campus does have its perks, but it also has a lot of downfalls.

The different types of residence halls are often explained in relation to towns or cities by students. The Lindens have been referenced as skid-row among many. This isn’t true for every building that makes up the Lindens because, like any college campus they care what prospective students will think about the dorms and the campus in general.

Linden Two has the tour suite in it, which has real couches and better lighting than any other room on campus. Also, the bathrooms in Lindens One and Two have been redone, where, in Lindens Seven and Eight, some student have sinks which are rusted out.

The Courts are often called the residential neighborhood. The rooms are smaller than the Lindens, but they come with the option of having a kitchen which can come in handy when a student is sick of the food at the Student Union Building cafeteria or the food is just questionable on a certain day.

The third housing option is Northpointe, which is known as the Beverly Hills of the residence halls. Northpointe has double occupancy rooms rather than suites, which have their own private bathrooms. Most students do not complain because they no longer have to share a bathroom with up to five other people.

Each residence hall does have a different price point which is something that matters to many students and determines where they can live. However, all freshmen must live in the Lindens unless they are accepted into a program like Honors or Global Scholars.

Living in the Lindens specifically causes many students stress in different ways. The first example is laundry. There are only three washers and dryers for every two Lindens. Many students speak of staying up until three or four in the morning on weekends in order to have a washer and dryer at the same time.

Another problem that many students are faced with is the battery in their door quitting and having to be replaced by Facilities. Until the battery is replaced the resident is expected to either keep their door propped open, meaning anyone in the suite could go into their room, or call Public Safety to come and unlock the door with a key every time they need to get in their room.

One resident stated they called Facilities every day for four days to remind them that the battery in their door had stopped working and it was finally fixed on the fifth day.

The same student who had the problem with Facilities fixing the battery in a timely manner also reported that each time she needed Public Safety to unlock her door, it took anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes for someone to come. Public Safety does have a lot of other duties on campus, but if they did not want to have to keep letting her and her roommate into their dorm they should have made sure Facilities fixed the dead battery.

Finally, one student explained how the ceiling in their bathroom ceiling started leaking and has been patched several times, but continues to leak because the problem is not with the ceiling itself, but rather some sort of plumbing issue.

Although these are just a few accounts from specific students, if you ask almost any resident on the Metro Campus if they have encountered a bad experience with living in the dorms, the majority of them will tell you yes.

Moving away from home is not easy for anyone and with the added struggles of living with other people along with untimely responses for facility issues, students can experience unneeded stress. With the amount that students pay in tuition many wonder why all of the residence halls have not been updated and why the staff does not respond in a timely manner. Living on any college campus is not easy and Fairleigh Dickinson is no exception.

Rusty Sink_linden 7_ Adam Matter.jpegBy Adam Matter

Among grievances is a rusty Sink in Linden 7.