Rebel Wilson’s Rom-Com Leaves Audiences in Tears

By Elizabeth Scalzo
Staff Writer

“Isn’t it Romantic” appeared in theaters over the Valentine’s Day weekend and was the comedy that all of those celebrating with their spouse or friend needed in order to have a laugh.

The movie starts off with a young girl named Natalie watching romantic comedies and her mother telling her that she would never get a happy ending like that. The movie then flashes forward 25 years to Natalie as an adult in New York City who hates romantic comedies and does not believe in true love.

Natalie then tries to be more open to love, but instead is mugged when getting off the subway and is knocked out. When she wakes up in the hospital her entire life has changed, but she does not realize until later that she is stuck in a romantic comedy at which point she says “I think I’m trapped in a (truck beeps). My life’s become a mother (truck beeps) romantic comedy! And it’s PG-13!”

The movie stars Rebel Wilson who became famous after her reoccurring role as “Fat Amy” in the “Pitch Perfect” franchise. Wilson has left audiences laughing since the first “Pitch Perfect” movie back in 2012. It is no surprise that Wilson’s character, Natalie, in “Isn’t it Romantic” allowed the audience to roar with laughter during the film.

The film also stars Liam Hemsworth as Blake, who Natalie falls in love with when she is stuck in the rom-com. Hemsworth is known for portraying the stereotypical dream guy in movies such as “The Last Song.” Hemsworth makes audiences laugh with his constant use of the word “beguiling” and Natalie’s reactions.

Blake is Natalie’s boss at her job as an architect for parking garages when she is in her normal life. However, when she is in the romantic comedy version of her life Blake falls in love with her after his driver almost hits her with his car.

The movie features Adam Devine, who is also known from the “Pitch Perfect” franchise for his role as Bumper. Wilson and Devine are known for their chemistry on screen through their previous roles together. What many people do not know is that Devine and Wilson often improvised their lines in the “Pitch Perfect” movies and the directors would keep some of scenes in the movie. Many fans wonder if this is also true for “Isn’t it Romantic.”

“Isn’t it Romantic” would not be the comedy that it is without the over the top digs at romantic comedies. During many scenes when Natalie is walking down the street, “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton is played. To add to the cheesy features, Blake gives Natalie his phone number on rose petals and of course she tries to be logical, but Blake simply tells her to just call him.

Some other clichés that were features are that Natalie has a gay best friend sidekick who is portrayed by Brandon Scott Jones and that Natalie and the only other women she works with are enemies. Lastly, the clichés do not stop there as there is a romantic wedding on a boat and a realization that she fell for the wrong guy.

At the end of the rom-com film, before Natalie goes back to reality she realizes that what is really important is that she learns to love herself. When she goes back to reality she is a much more confident version of herself and refuses to let people treat her the way they used to.

According to Forbes, on the opening weekend “Isn’t it Romantic” earned twenty million dollars while the movie “Happy Death Day 2U,” which was released the same day only earned fifteen million dollars.

Audiences unquestionably wanted to see this comedy and with the outstanding performance from Wilson it is no wonder the box office did well against competitors.

Overall, “Isn’t it Romantic” is a romantic comedy that leaves the audience laughing, but also possess that corny true love feeling at the end of every genuinely great love story.

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