How to Have a Good Spring Break When You’re Broke

By Samantha Hart

Staff Writer

It’s fair to say that most college students highly anticipate spring break. Contrary to popular to belief, however, most students don’t do much over spring break besides sleep. You may ask, ‘Why is that?’ This is mainly due to a lack of funding; a.k.a., we’re all broke.

But who says that being broke means having no fun? There are plenty of ways for the typical fried-out college student to manage to have a good spring break without having much money. Have a little bit of fun this spring break for under $20!

1) Go to a Zoo – There are several zoos and aquariums all throughout the state of New Jersey. Cape May Zoo in South Jersey has free admission every day, and who doesn’t love free trips?

2) Take a Trip to the City – As we all know, New York City is only 5-10 miles from the Metro campus, so why not spend the day in the Big Apple? And plus, NYC and college students have one major thing in common: they both never sleep.

3) Go to the Beach – New Jersey is known for its lovely scenery on the Jersey Shore. Take advantage of the warmer weather and spend a day or two at the beach in the sun.

4) Give Yourself a Facial – It may seem odd, but facials are an excellent way to reduce the stress from the first half of the semester. There are many facial scrubs on the Internet that help alleviate stress and anxiety. Here is a recipe from WellnessMama for making the perfect face scrub to give yourself spa-like treatment:

– ½ cup of sugar (brown or white) – ½ tablespoon of olive oil

– 1 tablespoon of honey

– Mix until the contents are          amalgamated well enough to apply

– Store in a Mason jar until you’re ready for your next use

5) Take a Hiking Trip – If you’re looking to really get your blood flowing and your heart pumping, the best location to hike would be Mt. Tammany in South Jersey. This trail is mostly uphill alongside of the mountain. If you’re only looking for a peaceful walk that can easily calm your nerves and wash your stress away, take a hike along the Buttermilk Falls waterfall. Being an hour away, it’s quite the hike (pun intended), but it is well worth the drive if you love to explore and are looking for something fun and healthy to do.