FDU Celebrates Black History Month

All photos and quotes courtesy of Mansour Alsalmi and Patricia Ressell-Deras.


Dante Phillips, Grad student; Kyle Colemon; Kaleb Bishop; Mauric, senior.jpg
From left to right: Dante Phillips, grad student; Kyle Coleman, junior; Kaleb Bishop, junior; Mauric, senior.

It is imperative that we all give thanks and praise to those who paved the way for us to have the opportunities we have. It is especially important now more than ever that we embrace, cherish, and honor brave African American heroes while we still fight for equality today. Black History Month is just one month to highlight and feel proud, but truthfully I feel proud to be a black every day!”

– Dante Phillips, grad student

Dante Phillips, biology.



Left to right: Maame Mensah, psychology (clinical social), sophomore; Daniel Ekwunife, civil engineer, sophomore; Azsiana Jamo, psychology (clinical social), senior .



Shawn D. Ajavon, Senior - Alpha Phi Alpha.jpg
Shawn D. Ajavon, senior

Walking in the excellence of African Americans that paved the way for us.”

– Shawn D Ajavon, senior, Alpha Phi Alpha.


Naa Qwaye, nursing, sophomore.



Domino Game.jpg
From left to right: Gerell Johnson, freshman; Ray White, senior; Steffan Tucker, sophomore; Raymond Severin, senior; Marques Adams, senior; Childerick Barthelus, assistant dean.

These students gather to play a game of dominoes.



From left to right: Mary Besong, science, senior; Faith Adelufosi, junior; Merveille Avinou, health studies, sophmore; Bisola Adeniyi, criminal justice, sophomore.

I love Black History Month because it makes me feel powerful, celebrating provides an opportunity to highlight the best of black history and the culture.”

– Bisola Adeniyi

From right to left: Faith Adelutosi; Merveille Avinou; Mary Besong.



Jemima Cineus, Junior president; Domonique Pierre, Junior - Students of Caribbean Ancestry
Left: Jemima Cineus, junior president; Right: Domonique Pierre, junior.

Students of Caribbean Ancestry


Kimani Lawson, Sophmore; Tatiyana Lofton, senior; Enviasia Mitchell, sophomore.jpg
Kimani Lawson, sophmore; Tatiyana Lofton, senior; Enviasia Mitchell, sophomore.

We celebrate Black History Month because it celebrates our culture and skin color whether we were born in Africa or born in America, we become a more synchorizated people. Futhermore, the hardships faced by black people are acknowledged thus, allowing us to proudly praise our evolution as a people.”

-Kimani Lawson, Financial Sectritary of AKA


Black History Month is a way to celebrate the unity of not only the black community, but its history and importance in the US.”

-Yohander Guzman, freshman (pictured left).


Mama said to always express myself.”

-Juan Estrella, freshman (pictured second from left).

Yohander Guzman, Freshman; Juan Estrella, Freshman; unkown freshman; Sabastian Villicana, Freshman; David Agudelo, Sophmore.jpg

We spend so much time learning about the history of the white man, black history month brings awareness to another side of American history often overlooked.”

-Sebastian Villicana, freshman (pictured second from right)