Blue Wednesday and Magnus Klausen Bring Us Back to School

SHOFI’S CHILL STATION: Blue Wednesday and Magnus Klausen Bring Us Back to School


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After an interesting winter break, it’s time to hit those books once again as the spring semester has started. What better way to start off the semester than with a fun tune filled with memories of the good old days?

If you were hoping for another snow day, “Middle School” by Blue Wednesday feat. Magnus Klausen can supply that feeling. Released in the “Chillhop 2018 Winter Essentials Compilation” in mid-Dec., it’s become not only one of my favorite tracks in the compilation, but also among the various 2018 chillhop releases.’

Many of us should remember the excitement of having a snow day while in middle school. The interlude of the tune pays homage to that feeling by subtly bringing in the beat while school children are playing in the snow. This is then followed by a nostalgic arrangement that has an early 2000s sound. Remember those old computer games we would play at school? Games like Fatty Bear and the Putt-Putt series.

The keyboard, drums, and guitar are sure to get your head bopping and give you some cozy feels, perfect for a winter’s day, and a nice distraction from the first day of school craze.

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Written January 22, 2019