VB Coach Seeks Commitment Next Season


Sports Editor

December 7, 2018


The FDU volleyball team finished its 2018 season with two wins in 30 matches and winless in 14 NEC matches. The coach points her finger at attitude.

“The biggest issue of the season had to be accountability,” Head Coach Andrea Nolan-Boyd said. “The team needs to take on responsibility for their actions. The girls need to all get on the same page. We need players that want to be a part of this program and play here.”

The Knights were led by 5’11” junior Erika Sullivan from Elk Grove, Calif., who averaged 2.65 pts/set. Sullivan also led the team with 222 kills in the season.

Jaelyn Young, a 5’4″ freshman from St. Paul, Minn., led the team with 328 digs, averaging 3.28/set.

“In the end-of-the-year talk with the coaches, the main thing that was brought up was being held to a higher standard,” said Jessica Throckmorton, a freshman from Santa Clarita, Calif. “Yes this year’s record was not pretty, but yes, we are gtetting better every day. Next year our main focus should not be on the mistakes we had in the play before…but right now we have a game to win, we can win, and we will win.”

The Knights had six freshmen heading into their 2018 season and that was a contributing factor as to why they struggled, but they are still excited about the team and future of the program.

“As far as the team goes, I feel that our chemistry and team dynamic really came together towards the end of the season,” said Throckmorton. “It was a rocky start with many new players on the court, but we learned how to mesh together well by the end of the season.”

“It is good to have an off-season where we have more than eight players and could actually do a 6-on-6 in practice and play in spring tournaments,” said Nolan-Boyd.

“I would have to say our setters were our most outstanding players this season. Especially McKenna Sutherland (who came back from an ACL tear in 10 months). Our other setter, freshman Corina Beimers, was really great,” said Nolan-Boyd. “They really stepped it up for us to help get through a tough season.”

“There was not one practice that we decided to relax or take it easy. It was tough, but we always kept that winning mindset,” said Throckmorton.

“The only thing I have left to say is that this team is not going to give up. There’s endless fight left in us and it will show through next season,” Throckmorton said.