Voters Share Grievances Before Voting for Midterms


Staff Writer

November 16, 2018


TEANECK, NJ – Motivated by the divisive comments and actions by President Donald J. Trump, Teaneck voters headed to the polls at the Lowell Elementary School on Tuesday, Nov. 6, where residents voted for U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Bergen County Sheriff, Board of Education, County Executive, Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Children’s Future Bond Act ballot measure.

The main reason for voters’ turnout was because of Trump. Some voters and media outlets say that this election was a referendum on the sitting president and apparently voters disapproved.

Voter Anna Ocampo from Teaneck made it clear what motivated her to vote.

“With the biggest things that’s going on and the biggest issue being the president’s craziness,” Ocampo said.

Ocampo went in and cast her vote for the Democratic ticket.

Teaneck voted for Bob Menendez for the U/S/ Senate with 11,585 votes, according to the Teaneck government website. Rep. Josh Gottheimer received the majority with 9,631 votes. James J. Tedesco III received 11,442 votes for Bergen County Executive, Anthony Cureton for Sheriff by 11,185 votes, the yes option for the State question received 7,272 votes while the no option received 2,449. Gerald T. Reiner Jr. beat incumbent Shahanaz Arjumand by 350 votes in the race for Board of Education in Teaneck.

One of those voters was Democrat Dianne Koszarski.

When asked about her motivation to vote, Koszarski said, “The performance of the man who’s currently president.”



Photo by: TAPinto