Bonus Points Brings the Heat on New Album


Staff Writer

November 16, 2018


TEANECK – Although fall is here, Bonus Points keeps things warm and sunny with his new future funk/chillhop album “Eventide.” Released a month after his joint EP, “Bamboo Beach,” with fellow producer iamalex on Oct. 31, Halloween night got a lot more funky.

The opening track “Contact” sets the tone for what the rest of “Eventide” has to offer. It’s like an audio vacation from start to finish and is the perfect soundtrack for a house party, a weekend drive, or just relaxing after a long day. Combined with the second track “Eventide,” Bonus Points creates a beach vibe with a bit of 80s flavor in the mix. It’s a great tune to do a simple two-step to and it’s one of my top four favorite songs on the album.

Other favorites on the list are: “Ravioli Ravioli,” “Going Up,” and “Supertouch” with Guggenz, with “All Skate” holding the title of the best song to RipStik to. The interludes between these tracks are fantastic and add even more variety to the album.

Bonus Points has a way of capturing the ears with a strong opening to his songs, followed by a smooth beat and composition as the body, which simply flows within the listener. This was noticeable in his previous works such as: “Wine and Dine,” “Happy Hour,” “Rooftop Reservations” and “Sangria Sunset” (all highly recommended listens).

If you’re looking for an escape from the cold chill of fall, Bonus Points crafts up the warm essentials you need with his new album “Eventide,” which is available on all streaming platforms, and it can be downloaded on his bandcamp at


Photo by Bonus Points