Dave Miles on the Behavioral Intervention Team

BY: David Miles

Director of Public Safety

November 2, 2018


This column will give you information on some of the important resources that the university has to assist in keeping campus safe.

One the Metropolitan Campus, we have a Behavioral Intervention Team.

The team is comprised of members from the offices of Dean of Students, Student Life, Residence Life, Student Counseling and Psychological Service, Student Health Services, Athletics and Public Safety.

The goal of the team is to meet and try to share information so that individuals that may be a high risk are identified and investigated.

While the Behavior Intervention Team can only deal with individuals that have been identified to be a risk, we also have to make sure that in the event of any serious emergency or incidents, all members of the campus community receive instructions pertaining to the incident/emergency.

To handle this, the university has an emergency notification system.

The full details on the emergency notification system are on the university website and listed as FDU Alert and Smart Communications.

It is important that all members of the campus community familiarize themselves with the emergency notification system and more importantly to make sure that all your contact information is correct so that in the event of an emergency you are getting a voice, text or email message.

In conjunction with these initiatives, the Department of Public Safety also has an anonymous reporting system. It is on the Metropolitan Campus Department of Public Safety section of the university website. It is called Silent Knight. This system allows anyone to provide information to the Department of Public Safety on any type of crime, incident or behavior. The person reporting does not have to provide their name or contact information.

While we hope that we never have to use any of these systems because of a large incident that has occurred, we want you to know that they are available and in this day and age you should take advantage of any system or information that can aid in the safety on campus.

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