Women Triumph Over Adversity


Staff Writer

The issue of sexual assault has been in the media for several years now. We all remember Brock Turner, the former Stanford swimmer who served a mere three months in jail in 2016 after facing charges of sexual assault of an unconscious woman, sexual assault of an intoxicated woman, and sexual assault with the intent to commit rape, according to the New York Times.


This case brought many people to the edge of their seats as they waited to hear what the punishment would be of what seemed to be such a clear-cut case.  When it was announced that Turner would receive six months in jail followed by three years of probation, the nation erupted in fury.


Women all over the country began expressing their frustration with how sexual assault was being handled in this country.


Unfortunately, this issue is still relevant two and a half years later. With the recent hearings of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the same issue has shown its face again:  elite men getting a pass because of who they are.


The entire situation has had some instances that were very disheartening for women.

It isn’t exactly an easy task coming forward with a story of sexual assault, but having that story broadcasted on national television and being questioned at every turn doesn’t exactly provide a safe and welcoming environment for women to come forward.


There are many upsides and glimmers of hope for women in America as a result of the Kavanaugh hearing.  For example, Senator Jeffry Flake changed the entire course of the hearing when he requested the FBI do more investigating and delay the hearing one week.


Flake was confronted by a two female protesters Friday Sept. 28 after announcing his intentions to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, according to the New York Times. This brief but clearly impactful confrontation prompted Senator Flake to request the delay of the vote.


National instances such as these raise many questions not just of why this keeps happening, but why these men keep getting away with it.


In the past several years there has been an increase in media coverage of sexual assault and an increase of women in power all over the country. Even here at Fairleigh Dickinson there is a Women’s Empowerment Association that promotes females to be in powerful situations and support each other.


This is the type of energy that is needed for women all over the country. As long as women continue to support each other, then they will never have an issue like this again.


It all starts with small movements, like the one here at FDU, that results in women’s movements and women putting their foot down against sexual assault and not letting their attackers get away with what they’ve done.



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