FDU Needs More ‘Open Mic Knights’


Staff Writer

Nighttime events at FDU can vary from yoga, and Zumba classes, to events hosted by Omega Phi Chi. Within the first two weeks of every semester, FDU hosts a karaoke night in the Knight Club. At this event, music is played in between acts and food is served on the side.

With FDU’s large and accessible facilities, these kind of events could be held more often. Our university is located in an area with limited outlets for performing arts, and opening the stage for students would provide an opportunity that is not offered in many nearby locations.

In all of New Jersey, there area total of 66 locations that offer an open mic night. They include bars, night-clubs, restaurants and cafes. Thirty nine of the 66 locations only admit those who are 21 or older. In Bergen County, there are only five locations that offer an open mic: Leonora’s Bar & Grill in Hackensack, Hilltop Tavern in Lodi, Rivera’s Restaurant in Fair Lawn, Tierney’s Tavern in Westwood and Cool Beans International Coffee & Teas in Oradell.


Rivera’s Restaurant and Cool Beans are the only locations that welcome all ages. Rivera’s Restaurant offers the stage to full bands every Sunday, and every Tuesday, only acoustic instruments are allowed. Cool Beans offers an open mic every other Sunday. Having an open stage event at FDU would eliminate the limitation of age requirement and open it to all types of instruments.


The Metropolitan Campus has a total of 34 facilities, many of which include rooms suitable for hosting music – Wilson Auditorium has Dickinson

Hall, the Student Union Building has the Kron Lounge, the Metro Lounge, the Student Union Conference Room and the Knight Club – which are all available for meetings and events.

There are also auditoriums in Edward Williams Hall, Robinson Annex, Becton Hall and in the basement of the Giovatto Library. Utilizing these facilities for events such as karaoke night would bene t the students who have a passion for performing arts.

Opening the stage to students would give artists a platform to explore their talents and it could potentially bring more night life to campus. FDU has the facilities and resources to make it happen and this would benefit not only the artists but also everyone who attends. After all, art has the power to move crowds, change perspectives and even change society.