ACTA Under Fire

UC Faculty Draft Letter of Concern

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(TEANECK) – The letter printed above, obtained by The Equinox, is a statement of concern by the University College faculty regarding the recent hiring of the consulting agency ACTA.

At the University College meeting on Dec. 6, the faculty

authorized the drafting of the statement by Ben Freer, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Jamie Zibulsky, Associate Professor of Psychology and Tarika Daftary-Kapur, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice.

Once prepared, the statement was sent out to all members of the University College faculty for review and approval. Of the 69 faculty members that participated in the vote, 56 approved, 2 were opposed and 11 abstained.


Daftary-Kapur told The Equinox that the letter has not yet been shared with the administration.

“Unfortunately when we sent out the statement

originally, the email went into the ‘Clutter’ folder for some recipients and they didn’t get a chance to vote,” Daftary- Kapur said in an email to The Equinox.

Daftary-Kapur said that they plan on resending the statement to the faculty of University College within the next week and conducting another vote in an attempt to ensure full participation.


“We will then request that Interim Dean Cohen share the results, after a final count is tallied,” Daftary- Kapur said in an email to The Equinox.