Dave Miles on Police Stops

In this article, I am going to be giving information to everyone on how to deal with police when approached. My intent with this article is not to take any sides, but we have seen far too many stories of police encounters that did go wrong.

If both sides just reacted differently, the outcome may not have been tragic. Professionalism is something that all officers must have and respect has to be a two- way street. Individuals and the police both have to be aware of the way that any interaction they have may be perceived by the other.

Unless you work in the eld of public safety, you cannot imagine what officers have to deal with on a daily basis. Officers do have to put their lives on the lines at times and now there is no such thing as a routine call.

There is a website that has good information to give to individuals to help them better understand how to deal with interactions between police and citizens.

The website is https:// handsalltogether.com

This website provides information to individuals that are stopped by the police and gives them the information on what they should do, what they should say and what to expect during police and citizen encounters.

In addition, they use the acronym CARE. This stands for:

C – Comply with the law
A – Act orderly
R – Respect each other with words and action
E – Empathize; stand in each other’s shoes
While I have no connection to the website, I do believe that if you read the information on the website it may provide you on how to act during any encounter with police.


Using this information may assist in how any police interaction plays out.
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