Baseball Triangle Turnaround To Come

At the Town Hall meeting held by the university’s administration on Nov. 15, President Capuano mentioned plans to revamp a triangle of space behind the baseball field’s outfield. Over email, The equinox asked Angelo Carfagna, associate vice president for university communications, for details regarding the space.

The Equinox: At the town hall meeting last week, President Capuano talked about possibly revamping the small overgrown area behind the out eld. Do you know what the purpose of that space is currently?

Carfagna: The area has been used for storage purposes, but we are anticipating cleaning up the space prior to the spring semester.

E: Do you know what the plans are to do with that space?

C: As per the Facilities Master Plan, the plans for the space include a concession stand, restrooms and a picnic area. These plans are latter stage projects in the master plan, which runs through 2026.