Recipe of the Week: Mug Mac and Cheese


Staff Writer

Inspired by Food Network


1/3 cup pre-made pasta (or 1/3 cup uncooked pasta and 3⁄4 cups water)

5 tablespoons of cream (or 4 tablespoons of milk)

1 tablespoon our (or other thickening agent)

5 tablespoons of the cheese of your choice (more or less depending on how cheesy you would like your dish.)


1.) In a microwave friendly bowl/dish, add the uncooked pasta and water. Cook for 2.5-5 minutes (time varies based on microwave).

2.) Drain the water from the dish.

3.) Add the ingredients into your cooked pasta and stir thoroughly.

4.) Cook for 1 minute (if the consistency is too loose, pop it in for another 30 seconds).

5.) Stir and enjoy!

If you have premade pasta, skip steps one and two. You can also replace the noodles with plain cooked ramen.