How To Make The Most of Your Freshman Year


Staff Writer

College is a new journey for teens and young adults alike to cultivate skills in the fields they are passionate about. But it always seems once a student passes the important freshman year that they wish there was certain information given to them before they started.

“How do I make new friends?” “What is there to do?” “What’s good to eat?” Have no fear, because this is the guide every freshman should know about, and hopefully these tips will make starting college an experience to cherish.

Connections, Connections, Connections!

For some lucky students, friends or family are already at the university they are going to. Athletes even have a head start on making friends thanks to being around teammates so frequently. Yet there is always a large amount of students who start this new phase of life with a clean slate, so connections are extremely crucial. This means a person cannot be afraid to jump out of their social comfort zone by talking and getting to know their roommates or suitemates. This is the best and easiest way to make a solid group of friends. Next is making friends with people in your major, since they have similar ambitions as you and can motivate, help and support the challenges you’ll all face together.


Be Active On Campus

It’s ridiculous hearing comments like, “There’s nothing to do on campus” or “Nothing interests me here,” when there are cultural, major, faith, hobby and Greek-based organizations on campus. Many of these organizations meet at various times and are open to anyone who wants to join and will put in the work. You can go to some interest meetings, events hosted by certain organizations, trips hosted by said organizations, participate in community service and much more. Support our sports teams during the season by going to games, and if you have the option, attend away games. Be willing to put in some effort outside the classroom and who knows, maybe the organization you join will be the most memorable part of college.


Expand Your Palette

We’ve all been there. It’s late, the cafeteria is closed and you’re starving, but Chinese food or pizza just won’t cut it this time. Well, there are so many delicious places to eat in our area and you deserve to have a taste sensation from every nation. Grab a bite at Noches De Colombia, Tropical Hut, Sapphire Thai Food Express, Brownstone Pancake Factory, Maggie’s Southern Kitchen and a ton of other places in the New York-Metropolitan area. As a freshman at any college, you must take advantage of any resource given to you in close proximity, and it is a guarantee that these places are something to take advantage of.


Explore New York

It is a crime that some students do not take the opportunity to explore one of the greatest cities in the world knowing that it is a short bus ride away. There’s so much food, history, places and events that happen in New York City to not make a few trips a year. There is even a bus on Cedar Lane that drops you o in the middle of Manhattan. The best part is that it is only $9 for a round trip ticket.


Education Comes First

Remember what you came to college for in the first place. It is easy to get caught up in the freedom you’ve gained, connections you have made and fun you are having. But the purpose of college cannot be forgotten. Remember to study a little extra in the classes you are struggling in, turn in assignments on time and ask for help when it’s needed.