David Miles Talks End of Year

As this is the last issue of the year and we have almost reached the end of the academic year, most students are looking forward to enjoying some time off away from studying and the pressures that go with college.

While summer is a time where many of us relax, we have to make sure that we do not take a break from any safety or security.

We have to remain vigilant wherever or whatever we do.

The world is changing and we continue to see random and selfish acts of violence across the country. Unfortunately, there continues to be violence on college campuses.

It is important that you always think about your safety and security. The following are some tips to always follow:

• Be alert and aware of your surroundings by limiting distractions such as cell phones.

• Walk in groups on well-lit pathways.

• If you must travel alone, walk, drive, or bike in well-lit areas. Also be sure to alert someone of your whereabouts.

• Protect your personal information. Be sure to log off before leaving when using public computers.

• Park in well-lit areas and lock all items in your trunk.

• Report any suspicious activity to emergency services. These basic tips should always be followed anywhere that you go.
In this day and age, security should be on everyone’s mind and you must always be alert so you do not become a victim.

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On behalf of the members of the Department of Public Safety, I want to congratulate all the graduates and I want to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe summer.