Campus Movie Fest Finale

By Daniel Clarke

Opinion Editor

The Campus MovieFest (CMF) held FDU’s biggest 10th Anniversary Red Carpet Finale on April 25 in the Wilson Auditorium. The top 16 movies of 47 entries were screened at the event. A Best Performance Award and 4 Jury Award winners were selected to move on to the next round.

With something unique to offer at every moment of the night, it was packed with students, movies and prizes. Movies ranged from the dark end about living from paycheck to paycheck, drugs and consequences, love lost and suicide. More uplifting themes of FDU athletes’ thirst for success and dedication. A number of them also tackled real world issues as documentaries using the stories of fellow students.

“Campus MovieFest was founded in 2001 by four then- students at Emory University. Over the last 15 years, CMF has grown to give more than one million students access to all of the equipment and training they need to make a five-minute film in one week, including Apple laptops loaded with Adobe Creative Cloud, Panasonic HD Cameras, state- of-the-art sound equipment from Sennheiser, and external hard drives—all for free,” CMF writes on their website.

“The 4 Jury Award winners will advance to the national competition at TERMINUS, receive a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and have their films considered for screening at the 2017 Cannes International Film Festival in France,” according to CMF. “TERMINUS is the final stop on the Campus MovieFest 2016-2017 tour, and a giant celebration of all things CMF.”