Best NYC Food on the Cheap

By Carly Edelman

Staff Writer

Life in New York tends to be expensive. But luckily, cheap food can be found – and it doesn’t always equate to bad. Here are my top picks:

Uncle Ted’s: Uncle Ted’s is an establishment geared toward Asian cuisine. It is probably the priciest place on the list, with meals costing about $12. The portions are large enough for two meals, the food is filling, the atmosphere is cozy yet casual and the food is killer!


Joe’s Pizza: You can’t visit NYC without grabbing an authentic N.Y. slice, and there is no better place than Joe’s. Established in 1975, the pizzeria on the West End has become a staple for New Yorkers grabbing a slice or a whole pie.

Levain Bakery: If you have a sweet tooth, Levain’s is

the place to go. While cookies run for $4, you get what you pay for. The cookies are the size of small rolls and can feed at least two people. They also have cheaper items on the menu, like large $3 chocolate rolls or $1 walnut raisin rolls. Beware the wait, though – there are typically lines out the door!

The Halal Guys: If you ask any New Yorker where they go to get halal food, Halal Guys will be the answer. For $7, you get huge portions of amazing food – enough for a full meal and leftovers!

Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings: If you are looking for a SoHo-based dumpling place that is cheap and delicious, visit Mimi Cheng’s. With a wide range of fillings and dumplings made to order, customers are guaranteed to leave happy and full.