University College Seizes Faculty Senate

100% turnout ensures majority; Kapur & Denning in runoff

By Elizabeth White

News Editor

A 100-percent turnout from University College faculty members led to a sweep of all contested seats in the election that ended on Sunday, bringing to an end the control of the chamber by faculty from Becton College on the Florham campus.

Candidates who campaigned as the “UC Candidate Team” reported a historic 100 percent turnout of University College faculty for the election – 86 of out of 86, with three faculty members on leave. Many attributed that turnout to a proposed reorganization of the university that focuses on the Metro campus, particularly University College.

University College has roughly one and a half times as many faculty as Becton College, which often votes as a bloc.

Metro Campus election results distributed at the Faculty Senate meeting on Wednesday in Alumni Hall were as follows:

Vice President:

Minerva Guttman, UC, defeated Patty Keefe Durso, Petrocelli, 135-79.


Teresa Montani, UC (unopposed)

At-large APRC:

Francis Ingledew, UC, defeated Chris Caldiero, Becton, 116-103


Alex Casti, UC (unopposed)


Fernando Alonso, Petrocelli defeated Robyn Lubisco, Petrocelli, 89-29

At-large FHC:

Tarika Kapur, UC – Karen Denning, SCB Metro, TIE


Hong Zhao, UC (unopposed)

At-large FRW:

Sameh Abdelazim, UC defeated Jordan Nowotny, Becton, 115-103


Alfredo Tan, UC, defeated Anthony Adrignolo, Petrocelli, 99-28

At-large PBC:

Giri Nandikotkur, UC (99), defeated Kiron Sharma, Becton (84) and Diedre Collier, SCB Florham (41)