Students Plead for Gourmet Dining Replacement

By John Fruhman, Evan Ochner, Laura Atehortua & Gritt Broening Guest Writers

In response to the informative article by Theresa King in the March Equinox “FDU Food Services: Separate and Unequal,” four students from the Metropolitan Campus have created a proposal with the purpose to replace Gourmet Dining, the current company providing food services, with Fresh Foods, which provides food services at the University of Scranton.

The University of Scranton is like FDU, a private university with similar enrollment, however, students report a much higher satisfactory rate with the food services, while at the same time paying around $1,300 less.

Since the current contract with Gourmet Dining does not expire until 2022, we suggest putting the replacement in place by the expiration of the contract.

The replacement is necessary since currently 72.3 percent of students surveyed by King are at least somewhat dissatis ed with food services. Also, the commuter options are not supportive enough of commuter students’ needs.

We would like to appeal to the campus administration to rethink the current food situation at the Metropolitan Campus, and to start negotiations with Fresh Food Company.

Satisfaction of students should be the number one goal of any university administration, and the food services are an important factor – one that’s currently lacking.