From the Editorial Desk

Looking Forward to the Future

Eight months ago, The Equinox staff challenged itself to take a new direction with the campus newspaper. What may have seemed like a typical rag twelve issues ago has evolved into something entirely new. But we wouldn’t be where we are now without the support of our readers.

The newfound interest from students and faculty at FDU is flattering, but it’s also kept our writers determined to provide the campus with the content it deserves. The Equinox has evolved over the past semester, and with this change comes even more challenges that we are eager to take on.

By the start of this coming Fall semester, we are determined to produce one of our nest “Back to School” issues in recent years, led by our new Editor-in-Chief Theresa King and Managing Editor Elizabeth White.

We look forward to moving the paper in an exciting direction, and encourage more FDU students to join The Equinox. The newspaper is an outlet for the students’ voices to be heard, and we encourage everyone interested to come forward in the next academic year.

Additionally, The Equinox will be attending the Associate Collegiate Press convention in October, and will be flying to Texas to talk about the journalism process with fellow writers and editors. We look forward to applying what we learn from that trip to our newspaper.

The Equinox also hopes to feature more content from local businesses and events in the Teaneck/Hackensack area. At FDU, we are fortunate to have a community that extends beyond the campus, and we would love to keep that sentiment going.

The Equinox doesn’t wish to ruminate on the past, but rather look towards the future with the rest of the community. The 2016-2017 school year was just a glimpse of what The Equinox can offer, and we look forward to showing the community what we can accomplish in the coming months

The Editorial Board of The Equinox