Top 10 Best & Worst of Netflix

By Ray White, Staff Writer

Netflix is the TV and movie streaming phenomenon that has swept the world with its huge library of entertainment. Some of these options make you want to give out five star ratings like they are Halloween candy, but others make you question whether or not you should trust the people at Netflix who upload films/TV shows. This is the best and worst Netflix has to offer.

10 Best

1. No Country For Old Men: It is a gritty movie about a case of money, drug deals gone wrong, and has tension so thick the dullest knife could cut through it. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe the fact this movie won 4 Oscars will.

2. Finding Dory: If you loved the magic and messages from the Pixar and Disney hit “Finding Nemo” then this movie not only finds that inner child in all of us, but gives an even greater message of family and friendship that everyone can appreciate. Plus baby Dory is adorable.

3. Menace 11 Society: An urban crime drama that puts you in the shoes of a young man battling with falling into the wrong crowd while living in the ghetto. It’s raw, real, and the ending will truly make you think.

4. Zootopia: Disney hits it out of the park with this family movie that tackles the controversial topic of racial prejudice, but in a manner that can be appreciated and talked about after the credits roll. It will definitely become a Disney classic and its Oscar win solidifies that statement.

5. Daredevil: The first television show on this list and a Netflix original at that. This Marvel superhero show centers around Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer by day and vigilante by night  who tackles corruption and crime in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. It’s filled with action, mystery, suspense, and is great for any Marvel fan, or even a person who just needs a new show to binge. This show also connects to other Marvel shows on Netflix and will keep you occupied for awhile.

6. The Usual Suspect: If you like twists endings that blow your mind and force you to watch it all over again, then you need to watch this movie. Kevin Spacey won an Oscar for his performance in this film, and you will see why I guarantee it.

7. Ip Man: If you don’t mind subtitles this non stop action kung-fu flick starring Donny Yen will have you on the edge of your seat and asking yourself “Why didn’t I stick with my karate lessons?”

8. The Shining: Have you ever heard the phrase “Here’s Johnny?!” well you can finally see where it comes from, and why it’s a terrifying statement. In this Stanley Kubrick film you are taken on a psychological trip that drives a father insane, and leaves his family to deal with his mental deterioration.

9. Pulp Fiction: Quentin Tarantino gives his audience a chopped continuity film that builds suspense, gives a lot of laughs, drops a few jaws, and gives you Samuel L. Jackson with a jerry curl..

10. How I Met Your Mother: A binge worthy show that would even make “Friends” jealous follows 5 friends looking for love, growing up, and having all sorts of crazy adventures through its 9 seasons. So get some snacks and get ready for one crazy story.

10 Worst 

1. The Walking Deceased: Yes, this a spoof of AMC’s very beloved show “The Walking Dead and it is just as bad as any other spoof films. It replaces any clever satire it could have with crude, uninspired humor and does not deserve to be watched, unless wasting time is a priority. Or if you are playing a game of “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever watched?”

2. Rubber: It’s no longer on Netflix now but the plot of this movie would be enough to steer a person away from this film. It is about a senciate tire that rolls around, and blows things up withs its telekinetic powers. Yes this is a real movie.

3. The Babadook: Unlike some of the movies on this list “The Babadook” is not completely awful. It’s a solid movie that has some nice scares and creepy visuals. It includes an evil spirit terrorizing a mother and son, some deep messages about forgiveness and growth, and keeps you on the edge of your seat sometimes. However, the ending is so dreadful that it destroys the salvageable part of this movie. It was so close to being good.

4. London Has Fallen: The non-stop action sometimes makes for a great movie, but sadly this is a case where exploding landmarks can’t hold your interest for more than an hour.

5. The Ridiculous 6: It’s an Adam Sandler movie so don’t expect a high quality of comedy, but this takes the cake for one of his worst comedic outings. He has the cast, the budget, and an interesting premise but it’s just comedy that doesn’t hit, and there’s a lot funnier movies on Netflix to browse.

6. Tales of Halloween: Horror movies and Netflix seem to go together like orange juice and toothpaste and this is another entry that solidifies that statement. This movie is a bunch of short “scary” stories that drag on to the point of boredom. It’s not scary, creepy, not even spooky, it’s just a waste of time.

7. Bad Johnson: This sounds like a joke, but this is a movie about a man whose male reproductive organ detaches from him and becomes a separate talking tiny human. Do not watch this movie, it is just awful.

8. Sharknado: A shark tornado seems nonsensical but the minds at Sci-Fi thought it’d make a great film. Poor acting, bad effects, and awful plot are just the minor problems about this film. Some would say it’s so bad it’s good, but watch at your discretion.

9. Leprechaun: Who ever thought Leprechauns could be scary was a very interesting person, whoever said that it’d make a good horror movie was pushing that fear. Short jokes, no suspense, and enough references about gold to create a drinking game, is the only way to sum up this awful excuse for horror.

10. Fuller House: The only show on this list but for a specific reason. It gives a nostalgic feeling for anyone who is a fan of “Full House,” but it raises the question, “Why did they do a spin-off show and who asked for it?” The original show was a 90’s classic and it can be argued it should’ve stayed that way. It has the cliche sitcom tropes and there are much better Netflix originals to watch.