Beauty and the Beast Better Than The Original

By Diana Rosario, Staff Writer

“Beauty and the Beast” is a film that originated in 1991 by director Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise.

Today, that film has been reintroduced to theaters all over the world by director Bill Condon to remind the audience of the loving, animated musical.

“Beauty and the Beast” is about a lovely, unique, and feminist young woman named Belle (Emma Watson), who is imprisoned by a man known as “Beast” (Dan Stevens) in his castle.

The Beast believes that Belle’s father, Maurice (Kevin Kline) is a thief after he enters the Beast’s home in hopes of refuge when he becomes lost and attacked by wolves in the woods. Belle suddenly decides to switch places with her father, to set him free and save his life.

By making this choice, Belle does not realize the journey she’s headed towards. She feels fear towards the Beast with the way he treats her. She soon grows to see another side of the Beast she has never seen before, a kind and softer side.

There is conflict in the village where Belle and her father lives when the villagers tell her that there is a Beast that exists and is living near by.

The villagers do not believe that Belle’s father is telling the truth about the Beast and Belle having gone missing so they lock him up. Belle finds out her father is in danger and sets out to find him and set him free from the wrath of Gaston (Luke Evans), who is in love with Belle and wants her to be his wife at all costs.

Belle falls into trouble when she arrives at the village and tells the village the truth about the Beast. They lock her up along with her father in order destroy the Beast in his castle.

With a plan to escape and warn the Beast, Belle and her father pick the lock where they are locked up and Belle is set free.

The villagers are no match for the enchanted magic circulating through the castle as they are defeated by the objects inside the castle.

The Beast and Gaston are now face to face and Belle is there to witness what happens next. It seems like the end for Beast as he is wounded by Gaston but Beast defeats him and is finally reunited with Belle.

This film is definitely a movie I would recommend to my fellow friends and family to go see. I was very surprised by how great the making of the film was. It is definitely better than the cartoon version of the film. I really enjoyed the film with human characters.

Watson is the perfect Belle, and the role of the Beast was very well executed by Stevens.

They both bring the musical aspect of the movie to life with laughter and tears of joy not only for children but for adults as well.

Watson portrays the role of Belle as a feminist as she is very intelligent and strong minded who doesn’t accept defeat. In the movie, she is caught teaching a young girl to read which is seen as incorrect by the men and women living in the village.

This shows the struggles of women back then and how much females have progressed in today’s world.

There is also a variety of different identities in the film. We have Josh Gad who plays LeFou, Gaston’s trusted aid, identifying himself as gay.

This movie displays different sides to the film that touch upon real life issues.

So, take two hours of your time this weekend to go view the film because you won’t be disappointed.