Mi Rancho Es Su Rancho

By Theresa King

Managing Editor

With the rising popularity of Mexican fast food, it can be easy to forget about local authentic eateries. But Mi Rancho will make you forget about Taco Bell.

The fare at the restaurant stands out. With largely-portioned entrees and seemingly bigger appetizers, the dishes sing of flavors, including melty cheese and fresh avocado.

Opened in March 2008, Mi Rancho has two locations – one in Teaneck and one in Hackensack. Both offer free delivery to FDU.“Our goal is to offer our customers authentic Mexican food,” the restaurant’s website says. “We have a variety of dishes for you to enjoy. Our burritos are excellent, the taco meat is perfectly seasoned and one of our specialties. We also have authentic dishes such as Mole Poblano or pipian.”

And the website’s not just blowing smoke.

The interior and ambiance of the eatery matches its food – traditional yet new. Customers are greeted with a friendly staff with smiles on their faces.

The yellow, red and green color décor match the authentic feel of the dishes served, and the smell of fresh ingredients and newly cooked meals fill the restaurant with inviting aromas.

My chicken enchiladas ($10) were served with flavorful rice and black beans with chips, salsa, pico de gallo and guacamole on the side. Smothered in cheese and sour cream, the enchiladas were moist, rich and generously filled. The seasoning of the chicken was vibrant and perfectly complemented by various cheeses.

But here’s a secret: The side dishes may be even better than the entrees.

The rice is perfectly subtle, sure to not overpower the main dish, while the black beans pack a punch of savor. The side of chips and salsa given with every meal also serves as a nice touch. While the salsa has an overwhelming taste of onion and not much else, it’s still somehow hard to put down.

And then there’s the quesadillas.

It’s hard to know exactly what it is, but Mi Rancho’s quesadillas are special. Maybe it’s the delicious blend of cheeses, or the way that every bite is filled with the meat of choice, but I left diner both delighted and satisfied.

Much like the restaurant itself, at Mi Rancho, all the components of the dishes complement each other. And they do so in a way that true to the main ideas of the culture’s original dishes.

Diners have given it four stars on Yelp, and Mi Rancho is well-liked by locals.

“Mi Rancho is a great little place for some down to Earth and delicious Mexican food,” Dennie C. from Englewood said. “The prices are really affordable, the food is tasty and generously portioned, the service is friendly and prompt so you really can’t go wrong here.”

Located at 59 Main Street in Hackensack, Mi Rancho is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 12 to 9 p.m.