Q & A with Petrocelli Dean

By Mariuxi Mansfield
Staff Writer

What are some major aspects of your job as dean?

Managing programs, growing enrollment, helping students, mentoring faculty.


What did you see in FDU that you made the decision to work with the Adult Learning Program?

It was the non-traditional, and therefore the creative area of the university. I observed the commitment and longtime legacy of this program.


What do you think are the challenges adult learners have to face in the professional market?

They must continually ensure that their skills and knowledge are updated to meet the needs of the job market and the economy.


You had written about the necessity of applying to the “concierge model” on campus, could you explain what this model is about?

It means that every employee’s job is to treat students as though they were their own family member, with attention, interest and commitment to advance students’ goals to graduation.


What are your goals for your first year as Dean of Petrocelli College?

Get to know the people, programs and my colleagues, and try to create a foundation of integrity and quality. Also, to implement successful enrollment strategies.


Do you have any long-term hopes and goals for Petrocelli College?

That we enter new markets and provide competitive programs in New Jersey and beyond.


What is the best advice you can give to adult learners to stay on track when they go back to school?

Not to give up, no matter how dispiriting the experience may be. There is always someone in an office who will support and work to advance your goals. To stay on course despite the many obstacles that can be thrown into your path! A college degree makes the difference between living well and being underemployed, and so it is worth it to forge ahead and overcome any obstacle.


Dr. Braverman, during your career you have accomplished a variety of projects, as a woman how did you balance your personal life and career?

With great skill and focus! Women who take on a demanding career need helpful husbands and bosses to support their needs as they advance in their careers.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Representing the goals and impact of my college