Student Circulates Petition for River Road Changes

The Death of FDU Graduate Weiqi Wang, 27, on Nov. 21 in the Crosswalk on River Road has Sparked

Student Action to Demand Change

By Melanie Perez

Staff Writer

(TEANECK) – Dennis Rozestwinski, who was studying with Wang in the master’s program for international hospitality and tourism, did not personally know or have classes with Wang, but said that he felt compelled to start a petition to get the speed limit reduced to 25 mph and to get a speed bump installed.

“We are FDU hospitality students and alumni, and we stick together and help each other,” he said.  “This should not be any different.”

Rozestwinski explained how Wang’s death impacted him deeply – as it could have any one of his close friends – and that he couldn’t bear the thought of what her parent’s must be going through.

“This was something I felt was needed and is my civic duty,” he said.  “The news of the loss of such a young life unjustly and needlessly has brought in me strong emotions.”

Rozestwinski said that he started collecting signatures on Nov. 22 and currently has over 400 names.  He also said that every person he has asked to sign the petition has done so and has thanked him for taking the initiative to start the petition.

There are copies of the petition in the registration office, fitness center, and the International School of Hospitality and Tourism in the Dickinson Hall, although Rozestwinski said the best places to sign are in the latter two locations.  He also said that he walks the campus and personally asks for signatures.

In addition to actively seeking students to sign his petition, Rozestwinski also said that on Nov. 30, he successfully presented the petition to SGA on developing a campaign plan,  and gaining official support. He also had an interview with The Record to gain more publicity for the safety concerns on River Road.

“I hope the proper campaign will be developed pretty soon,” Rozestwinski said.  “My petition got the interest of “The Road Warrior” columnist from the Record local newspaper, a very powerful columnist whose support can have a very positive influence on the outcome of my initiative”

He also said that since River Road is a county road, he will be taking the petition to the Bergen County Council Meeting since he believes in the legislative channels that are available to civil society.

“Those channels are there but not many people are aware of them, or know how effectively and constructively express themselves and the voice of others,” Rozestwinski said.  “I am willing to take it to the Congressional District Office if necessary or any higher office with legislative power.”

The goal of his petition is to effect change so that Wang’s death would not have been in vain, and he ended it with two powerful words.

“Have courage.”