‘Rear Window’ is a Must-See

By Krissy Wildrick

Staff Writer

LIGHTS,CAMERA, THRILLER! In this 1950 film, we live for the suspense, murder, and mind playing films, as they take us on a journey throughout our living rooms. The film has won four academy awards, and continues to show the audience that something so normal from someone’s window can turn into a murder mystery! The Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock has done it again by turning the impossible into true horror in his most famous film called, “Rear Window.”

The people who star in this film are James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter, Raymond Burr, and Wendell Corey. Off the screen, Hitchcock wanted to make these stars come out of their comfort zones, and make them do something that hasn’t been done before. He did this by turning the set into making it very close to Stewart’s own apartment. On the screen, the characters developed an amazing performance which lead up to the suspense of Raymond Burr murdering his wife.

The film opens in Stewart’s apartment as he hurt his leg in a train accident and is taken care of by Thelma Ritter. However, what people fail to realize is that the Hitchcock had made the background this way was due to lighting and directing everything on an angle so that it made it look like there was an actual murder. It is almost as if they were playing mind tricks. We also have some other neighbors besides Burr and his wife.

The other neighbor that Stewart sees is a dancer, whose boyfriend is away, and she always brings home dates. Next we have a songwriter who plays the same songs repeatedly until he becomes famous. Another person is Judith Evelyn, who is a lonely woman and can’t even get a date. She finds herself in the arms of Wendell Corey, who she finally falls in love with.

As for James and Grace, they finally admit to one another that they are ready to take the next step in their relationship. However, James gets his girl, but still has Ritter for a few more months until he can get back on his feet. “Being the hero, takes courage and bravery, but sometimes you need help in getting back up.” As for Raymond Burr, he gets his unpleasantness over the seas and being held accountable for his guilty crime. He is trying to cover it up, but there are always people watching your every move. What goes around comes around, and Karma is everyone’s worst nightmare.

In conclusion, Alfred Hitchcock has made other films that have left us jumping out of our seats, but nothing beats this film. It’s not just the actors that make this film so spectacular. No! It’s the director, who takes on challenges and is creative. Hitchcock is a director who has changed film history. For those that like murder mysteries, or old classical movies, be taken away in this true mystery, “Rear Window”.

Don’t pass this one up!