R.A. Recognized for Connecting with Residents

By Mike Natoli

Staff Writer

The Office of Residence Life announced Aaron McClendon, residence assistant of University Court 6, as their October RA of the Month.

       The Equinox sat down with the recipient of this prestigious award to find out what he believes the criteria for the award is, as well as to see who the man himself behind the award actually is.

This is McClendon’s first semester as an RA, and first semester as a senior at FDU.  The month of November will be his third month in that position.  Academically, he’s an English Major with a double minor in Political Science and Legal Studies, and views being an RA as an amazing opportunity- and he has a schedule to prove it.

His October program included a supply drive benefiting a local women’s shelter, and he’s ecstatic to put the work in to benefit the experience of his fellow residents, and create a living community for them, which is in of itself rewarding, McClendon said.

“I love how I am given the opportunity to work and live with amazingly talented and supportive residents who are also members of the Honors Program,” said McClendon.

“The hardest is coming up with and then creating three different bulletin boards every month!”

Truly dedicated to his RA responsibilities, Aaron describes his favorite of the job as being able to interact with his residents on a regular basis, and getting to know them through the community events planned.  But what exactly makes someone become a successful RA?

McClendon attributes multiple important traits to success, and describes it as an experience that made him truly grow as a person.

“Being an RA definitely develops leadership skills, specifically, time management, professional behavior, and communication” McClendon said.

“I have also learned a lot about how to engage with people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and interests.”

Even though being an RA is a full time job, McClendon still finds time for himself to spend pursuing his interests and hobbies.

When he does have spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, cooking in his very own kitchen (which he loves having), and going on solo adventures in nearby New York City.

McClendon is honored to be the recipient of the 2016 October RA of the month award, and he looks forward to working more with his fellow residents on different creative bulletin boards and enhancing their overall experience at FDU.