New Gadget Ensures Personal Safety

By Nishi Naik

Staff Writer

With crime rates increasing globally, a solution to minimize crime rates might be around the corner.

Approximately three weeks ago, an innovative approach of safety was launched to evolve safety concerns faced by many people in our society. This new safety device is called the ROBORanger, a small device with a built-in GPS that will alert 911 when the user is in danger after pressing a button.

The ROBORanger has many distinctive qualities. According to ROBOCOPP, a California based tech company, the ROBORanger is the “world’s first connected SOS personal alarm that automatically initiates 911 response.”

Although the idea of a personal alarm has been in existence for a long time, the concept of ROBO ranger was created last year.

       With its state of the art” technology and abilities which produces a sound of 130 decibels, it is “more than enough to scare the assailant and make him run away,” said Jill Turner, an employee of ROBOCOPP in an interview with The Equinox.

As well as producing a blaring sound, the ROBORanger has the ability to call 911 responders, along with sending text and call alerts to all the contacts of the victims, Turner said.

According to Turner, the mission of ROBOCOPP as a technology-thriving company is “to bring technology together with safety.”

She added that there was a lot of academic and thought put into creating and launching this product in the market by the team members of ROBOCOPP, along with CEO Sam Mansen.

And there’s scientific backing to enforce the idea that the ROBORanger is an effective product.

“Alarms actually have immense impact on robbers and on any person trying to commit a crime,” according to a study conducted by the International Univeristy of Criminology in Montreal.

The study also found that 68 percent of criminals flee when they hear an alarm.

Turner said that she feels “thrilled to be using this device.” She is glad that her team’s efforts are finally in the market, regretting that this personal sound alarm took a while to be launched.

When first launched on Kickstarter, the ROBORanger received a “wide amount of appreciation and positive response,” Turner said.  “On just the first day, 50 percent of the company’s goal of it’s selling target was fulfilled.”

Turner also mentioned how this product is more advanced than the Sound Grenade, which is a previous product of ROBOCOPP. The major difference between the Sound Grenade and the ROBORanger is its function to call 911 services for immediate action, as it is equipped with a built-in SIM card.

Currently, the cost of this product is $149.99. Even though it is an expensive product, it can be bought on Kickstarter for about $79 temporarily.