‘Inferno’ is on Fire

By Tyler Williams

Staff Writer

“Inferno” is the third book in the Dan Brown series that has hit the big screen. Ron Howard directs the film with Tom Hanks reprising his role from the previous films. In “Inferno”, Robert Langdon, who is played by Hanks, is a Harvard symbologist that must stop the release of a lethal virus by using clues from ancient poets that date back seven hundred years. However he is not alone on this quest, Langdon is accompanied by Sienna Brooks, who impersonates a doctor to hide her true identity, played by Felicity Jones.

The story takes place in Florence, Italy. Langdon wakes up in the hospital to find he has no recollection of the last 48 hours. He quickly finds himself in danger when a women dressed as an officer starts shooting up the place. With no where to go, the doctor, Brooks, quickly takes action and both escape the hospital. Once out of danger, professor Langdon finds out all of Italy is looking for him.

“Inferno” starts out with a chilling message to Langdon:

“There is a switch, if you throw it half the people on earth will die. But if you don’t, in one hundred years the human race will go extinct. I left you a path, the hardest one yet. Only you can finish, you are humanities final hope.” With no memory of what is going on, Langdon finds himself in the middle of what is the biggest treat to man kind.

“Inferno” tells the journey of Dante through Hell. Dante defined our modern conception of hell seven hundred years ago. Hell is depicted as nine circles of suffering located within the earth. Together professor Langdon and Sienna race across Europe to stop Ben Foster, the madman and creator of the plague, before time runs out. On their journey to stop the bomb from releasing the virus, they find out that government agencies want the virus and will stop at nothing to get it.

“Inferno” is a jaw-dropping and action packed film. With screens that leave you confused and asking what just happened. While your mind tries to make sense of whats going on around, the answer to the hardest clues are staring you right in the face. This movie will sure keep you one the edge of your seat.