Tension at Election Knight Watch Party

By Reginald Tauscher

Staff Writer

The Office of Student Life held an Election Knight Party on Nov. 8 at 8 p.m. with more than 150 people, including students, faculty and staff attended the event, watching the Election on CNN, CBS and Fox News.

The Multi Purpose Room was packed with anxious viewers watching the election and getting food – students were provided with sandwiches, wings, cookies and drinks.

Laptops were set up close to the snack bar with live results as students talked about the differences between Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Donald Trump.

Posters that compared the candidates on major issues were hung throughout the rooms and in the foyer, and each room had a different news channel showing election play-by-plays.

Students played games of pool and ping-pong in the Knight Club to entertain themselves and combated the tense feeling in the multi-purpose room.

Meanwhile, outside of the Knight Club there were tables with information and games in the foyer that tested student’s knowledge on the candidates and issues that were discussed in the debates.

“I am glad I came out to see the election results. We have a great turn out tonight,” Aaron McClendon said.

“I had a lot of good conversations and debates during the course of the night,” Hailey Cohen- Mihailov said.