SGA President’s Corner – First Student Case

By Melanie Arokiaswami, SGA president

Through and through, the Student Government Association has been working behind the scenes for the majority of October. One endeavor I would like to highlight is that the SGA has taken their first, as we have coined it, Student Case. What a Student Case is, is a project that has evolved from a concerned student that has come to SGA for help in terms of their interests as a student, specifically an interest in the Metro TV Studio.

At one of our weekly SGA meetings, the student proposed their case, and ultimately the SGA and said student had a discussion. We did not criticize, but brainstormed as a group to decide how we can help this student. There was a bold motion to call this situation a Student Case, and that we will guide the student and help see through their goals, utilizing all the resources the SGA has. We are excited to have this first case and we are appreciative that such as student believes in our means to facilitate them.

The SGA made larger leaps specifically in the past week; the SGA has hosted their first closed meeting. While the SGA has many unavoidable obligations to the campus community,  every year the new SGA defined differently by their goals and execution. Therefore, at the recent closed meeting senators were asked, “What kind of SGA would you like to be; what would you like to be remembered for?”  During this closed meeting the SGA had cohesively ranked the following goals in order of interest, feasibility, and relative importance:

1.    University School Spirit

2.    Family Weekend

3.   Participating in President Capuano’s Strategic Plan

4. Common Hour and Community Service

5. Advocacy and Off Campus Involvement

While this list may be tentative, it serves as a starting point to pursuing the large goals of SGA. The SGA plans to tackle no more than three of these goals, two heavily dependent on the demand of the top two we choose.

The SGA comprises of twenty-two members, a small fraction of the students on campus. Therefore as SGA we encourage all students to deliver some sort of feedback to re-confirm or dismiss our ideas. Our mission is to work on behalf of the entire campus community.

We have vowed to work in the interests of our fellow students. With that said weekly meetings are held every Wednesday at 2:30pm in the SUB’s Multipurpose Room, where each of us are here to listen and then act on your concerns and ideas. Meetings are not held during holidays or during breaks. Closed Meetings are also an exception to this rule.