“Popstar” Worth a Shot

By Michael Natoli, Staff Writer

Andy Samberg and other stars from Saturday Night Live star in “Popstar,” a hilarious mockumentary about a pop star who has lost his “pop.”  When his album fails to meet the public’s expectations, the rapper goes on a hilarious quest to revive his failing career.

This movie successfully parodies everything that is stereotypical about the music industry and fame itself, including selling out, ego-driven grudges, and the butchering of raw talent.  It plays out as a sort of mockumentary – it follows a storyline but is peppered with fake interviews that pertain to that plot.

The style spoofs those inspirational documentaries one might typically find on Netflix or Youtube about famous singers in the industry.

The film lacks any real substance, but it definitely has the potential to be a cult classic due to its comedic value.

The best way to describe “Popstar” is as one long SNL skit with a storyline; so, if you enjoy sketch comedies in that structure, this is definitely a good watch for you on your next date night.

The film features big Hollywood names, including cameos from Justin Timberlake, Sarah Silverman, and multiple Grammy-Award winning artists.  Even though it has a rather beefed up cast, the movie disappointed in the box office.

The movie cost an estimated $20 million to make, and had only grossed $9,393,835 when it went out of theaters, merely two weeks after it opened.  It was awarded a 6.7 out of 10 on IMDB.com, the premiere database site for information on films and TV shows, and all in all it wasn’t commercially successful.  But just because it lacked the real substance or complexity that a Hollywood blockbuster might possess, that doesn’t necessarily mean that “Popstar” is a waste of your time.

The purpose of movies is to provide an escape from the real world; when you’re stressed, sad, or even annoyed, sometimes the best remedy is to sit down and watch something that will pick your spirits up and make you hurt from laughing.  Here, a serious or complex plot line wouldn’t really do the job.

That’s where “Popstar” comes in.  If you’re looking for a movie that’ll make you laugh and forget about your daily troubles for a short period of time, or if you’re just looking to unwind, this might be the movie for you.