High Hopes for Changes at FDU

By Nishi Naik, Staff Writer

(TEANECK) – Students and faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson’s Metropolitan Campus were asked, “If you could change one thing about FDU, what would it be and why?” The responses were varied yet they provided a strong measure of the changes people are looking forward to see on campus.

“The timings of the dining facilities here on the Metropolitan Campus.”

-Marcus Henry, student

“The only change I would make to FDU is adding better and healthier food. With the food at the SUB and Jeepers combined there are not a lot of options, considering a lot of the food at Jeepers is either frozen or not fresh and food doesn’t always taste good.”

-Krishna Patel, student

“I would make the appearance of the campus match what is portrayed in the advertising brochure – match the student academics and the co-curriculars, to provide a better overall experience to its students.”

-Childerick Barthelus, assistant dean of commuter affairs and special projects

“New eating options, so students are able to access meals during a later time period.”

-Sedona Hill, student

“More activities and events for the students to participate during the weekends.”

-Michael Liss, Giovatto Library

“So far, I’m enjoying the freshmen experience here at FDU. However, if I could change one thing about FDU, I would diversify the dining options. For instance, having our FDU cards be permitted at other local eating places.”

-Kahira Leach, student

“If I could change one thing about FDU, I would make the Student Union Building more centralized and capacious. It would be more accessible to students and faculty throughout the day.”

-Dean of Students Michelle, McCroy-Hein

“There should be more scholarships accepted by FDU. Since FDU is a private university, not all types of scholarships are accepted.”

-Joselyne Beretta, student

“Increasing the campus security. I would probably build a fence around the campus, so it increases the safety of the students as well as the staff.”

-Matthew Castelli, student

“I would make sure that every Metropolitan student studies abroad for at least a summer or semester at either our fabulous Wroxton Campus in England, or at one of our superb partner programs in China.

“As a proud alumnus of our university (Florham Park, BA ‘97) and of the Wroxton program (Spring ‘95), as well as a faculty member who has recently taught Introduction to Philosophy for our FDU program in Chengdu, China, I can say that there is no better FDU experience than studying abroad internationally at one of our many campuses.

“You will be united with fellow FDU students and faculty from both Metropolitan and Florham Park. You will experience new ideas, philosophies, friends, and cultures while discovering your own inner voice and self through your travels beyond the physical walls of the classroom. In short, you will experience the trip of a lifetime!”

-Dr. William Zimmerle, assistant professor of digital humanities, Metro Campus