Escape Room Tests Students’ Knowledge & Skills

By Daniel Mora, Staff Writer

      “The more that there is the less that you see. Squint all you wish when surrounded by me”

Can you guess what it is?

Well, the more that there is, the less you see, meaning the more of “it” impairs our visibility. Even squinting won’t help, which can only mean darkness.

That was one of the riddles in the Escape from Mount Olympus escape room on Nov. 3.

The escape room featured a variety of mysteries and puzzles. It forced students to put all their knowledge on philosophy, Greek mythology, and ancient history to the test.

With complicated yet simple riddles, one must work alone or together to solve a variety of mysteries that ultimately lead to the end prize – Zeus’ lightning.

Students had 25 minutes to complete the task, and many were up to the challenge.

Twelve people were locked in the room, and given one hint coin to either immediately use or save for later.

Unfortunately, our team was not able to complete it. There were just too many puzzles that needed to be solved that were time consuming.

This goes to show that even a well-organized group can get caught up doing too much at once.

Jeremy Loaiza volunteered to help host the event. He said, “I love being involved in anything that student life has to offer, so when I heard about the Mount Olympus event, I was probably one of the first few to sign up.”

Overall, this was a very well thought-out event and an  enjoyable one. I would, without a doubt, return and definitely recommend the escape room to many of my friends.