David Graham Selected as RA of the Month

By Tyler Williams, Staff Writer

The Office of Residence Life has announced David Graham (Linden 6) as their September RA of the Month.

He has been selected for going above and beyond the call of duty in providing outstanding service to his residents and excelling as a member of the Office of Residence Life team. The Equinox had the opportunity to interview him about his achievement.

Graham is a Biology major and an Art minor in his 3rd year, anticipating to go to medical school. He is currently in the 5-year combined degree program in order to graduate with a master’s degree. The art minor’s purpose is his interest for digital visual art such as Photoshop, 3-D animation, and video cinematics.

Aside from being a Resident Assistant (RA), he is currently involved as the treasurer for the Student Government Association (SGA); a treasurer for the Commuter Council, a proud brother and treasurer for the Sigma Pi Fraternity International.

When he was asked about the purpose of becoming an RA, he said that he wanted to be more active on campus.

“I wanted to interact with people more by being involved on campus. The only complication is that it’s hard to be here for certain nighttime events as a commuter,” he said. “Being an RA isn’t about telling people what to do or do what the Office of Residence Life tells me, but it is about working with the students to try to build a strong community and build connections and bonds that may last a lifetime,” said Graham.

The Equinox asked about him making an impact on students as an RA. He said that he is not sure, however, for other organizations that he is involved in, he has in some ways and he continues to work towards that.

“At the end of the day, it is about who I impact and who is the recipient of whatever actions I take; that determines what lasting effects I will leave on this school,” Graham said.

When asked about the RA application process, he said that the process was not a very difficult one.

“I feel like the ones who will review the applications have the most difficult decisions,” he said. “Realistically for the applicant, it is not a very stressful process.”

The Equinox asked about his unique character that made him stand out from his peers, he said the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

“My superiors felt that I was an individual worth hiring and that’s why I am here today,” Graham said.

When asked about what he does in his free time, he said that he attends church, works at a company called Armc Financial Services as an insurance collector, and plays video games.

The Equinox also asked about the building events that he has hosted for his assigned residence hall. He held two events in Linden 6.

“The first event was Show of Hands, it was meant to show diversity to bring our residents out together,” he said. “It was to bring the unique character out of the residents.

The second event was playing the Mario Kart video game while using alcohol goggles.

“It was interesting to see that some people were able to come in first with the goggles on,” Graham said. “It was quite fascinating.”

When asked about his goals for the rest of the year, he said that he wants to continue to build the community and would like to get to know the students better.

“The last thing I intend to do is to impede anyone’s self growth or personal life in any way whatsoever,” Graham said.

The Equinox asked about his favorite part about being an RA, he said that it is being active with the residents.

“They are actually really cool individuals. And I am really grateful of having the opportunity to get to talk to them,” he said.

When asked about being an RA next year, Graham said definitely.

“If I am fortunate enough to be hired, that would be a blessing,”  Graham said.