SOT Visits Carnegie Hall

By Angelo Drago

Staff Writer

FDU’s Sands of Time program held a trip to Carnegie Hall to see the Simòn Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela on Friday, Oct. 7. The trip was free for attendees and included a brief reception at the Metro Club in Alumni Hall with coffee and cookies.

The Simòn Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela was a special orchestra. Venezuelan-born conductor Gustavo Dudamel, a world-famous conductor, conducted it. He is noted for his deep passion, boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm. Seven years ago at age 28, Dudamel not only conducted the Simòn Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, but also the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

The orchestra performed music by Venezuelan composers Juan Carlos Núñez and Paul Desenne along with a performance of Hector Villa-Lobos’ Bachianas Brasileiras, which combines the composer’s reflection on his native country, Brazil with influences from Johann Sebastian Bach. As the closing act for the performance, the orchestra performed Russian composer Igor Stravinsky’s Pétrouchka.

Attendees sat on the third floor of the theater. There were no interruptions from the audience and the music was heard perfectly from where the group sat. The Carnegie Hall staff provided friendly service and was able to lead people to their seats.

As for the music, the orchestra gave an excellent performance. The music had a South American feel to it combined with European classical style. The tone of the music varied from loud and bombastic melodies to softer and quieter melodies. A variety of instruments such as string instruments, piano, drums and bells were used throughout the performance. One of the most memorable pieces of the orchestra was the conclusion, as it was a loud piece and a delightful way to finish the performance. It was certainly not a disappointment.

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