SGA President’s Corner

By Melanie K. Arokiaswamy

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your Student Government Association President of your 2016 and 2017 academic year.  I’d also like to introduce the new SGA respectively.

My name is Melanie K. Arokiaswamy and I am from central Jersey, I am currently a junior and I am majoring in accounting while pursuing my M.B.A. in management in the Silberman College of business.

On the flip side, I am a digital, ceramic, and craft artist, I dance, I am a food enthusiast, I love animals, the environment, astronomy, I play video games, and I even watch a little something called anime.

I regress, because the Student Government Association is not consisted of just myself.

The SGA houses 22 undergraduate students, who all become campus leaders and further faces of Fairleigh Dickinson University if they aren’t already.

The SGA’s purpose is to maintain and cater to the overall campus well being through serving the community as a whole – especially the organizations that it funds.

The 2016/17 SGA ultimate goal is to re-establish that SGA was created to facilitate to all organizations that a sense of community is a virtue that we will infinitely work towards.

We are one month into the fall semester, and your Student Government Association has already been working diligently to serve one need at a time.

First Annual E-board Joint Meeting: For the first time ever, the SGA is inviting all executive boards on campus to attend a joint meeting. Here is an opportunity to meet all of your new and fellow e-boards who work hard to enrich our campus. The purpose of this event is to inspire new relationships between different organizations, SGA included. This event is on Nov. 3, at 8:30 p.m. in the Rutherford Room in the SUB.

The Org Support Program: The FDU Metropolitan campus houses an array of clubs and organizations, all who plan events available to every student at FDU. It is not uncommon for clubs to have unsuccessful events due to a cluster or reasons. This developing program aims to resolve this prominent and ongoing issue.

SGA Open Meetings: We are working towards making our weekly meetings more comfortable, involved, and informative every week. Your attendance is one of the key factors to achieving that.

All inquiries, concerns, and questions can be addressed to